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To get the most fun from winter sports, you need to be dressed appropriately - not too much and not too little.  If you dress too warmly, you'll be hot within a few minutes of exercising.  However, if you don't dress warmly enough, you'll be shivering once you slow the pace.  You need to adopt a proven strategy: dress like an onion

It's best to wear several layers of clothing.  This allows you to take one layer off i you get warm, put it back on if you get cold, or keep them all on.

Your clothing should meet 3 criteria: it should keep you warm, keep you dry and protect you from the wind.


Quick-drying long underwear containing polyester (or polypropylene) wicks away moisture.  Avoid cotton if possible.  This fabric absorbs moisture quickly and offers no insulation.  Underwear should cling to the body.


Over the top of your underwear, wear a polar fleece sweater, or one with a roll neck, made of synthetic fibres.


Chose a  weatherproof jacket that will block the wind, and one in wich you can move easily


Like your jacket, choose pants that are weatherproof and will block the wind.  The bottons of the pant legs must be wide enough to cover your ski or snowboard boots.  Don't try to tuck your pants into your boots - this will cause problems with circulation and uncomfortable chafing on the calves.

Avoid jeans or any other fabric that absorbs water.


Choose socks that are thick, long and soft.  Once again, choose synthetic material rather thant cotton.  Avoid wearing more than one pair of socks, as they can block your circulation and make your feet cold.


Wear waterproof gloves or mittens.  If you really feel the cold, consider purchasing glove liners, under mitts or hand-warmers**: they'll provide a little extra warmth.(** on sale at the ski shop)


A helmet is strongly recommended, but not mandatory.  It protects your head and keeps it warm too.  When needed, a balaclava will protect your face from cold.

Ski Goggles:

It is preferable to wear ski goggles.  They provide you with better visionat all times, no matter what the weather conditions are.


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