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"Versant Nature" - Powder snow destination

One of the most special things about the mountain is that it offers two slopes; the first consists of groomed trails, and the second, the “Versant Nature”, offers an off-trail section with no mechanical lift. Situated on the south-facing slope of the mountain, the Versant Nature has 3 official trails (2 glade trails and one unobstructed trail) at the intermediate to expert level.

The access trail, “Second Souffle”, begins at the foot of the mountain near the ski lodge, with a superb 2.8-km hike through the forest to the Versant Nature. This trail takes you right to the summit of the mountain with no detours onto the groomed trails.

As this slope does not offer a mechanical lift, it adds an extra challenge: one trail is devoted to the climb up, from the base of the Versant Nature all the way to the summit. Sealskins, Telemark and high traverse skis are therefore best, unless you’re carrying your skis on your shoulder!

For those looking for a one-time experience, but who don’t want to climb the mountain, they can access the Versant Nature via the mechanical lifts on the north slope. It costs $10 to get up there but for those who have a season pass or have purchased a day pass, access to the Versant Nature is included.

Moreover, every time there’s a snowstorm, the Versant Nature offers a good dose of powder to those who appreciate it! It’s a real delight to let your skis glide over a new layer of snow under the tree cover through the glades. You’ll feel completely isolated from all the other skiers, as if you’ve discovered a secret corner - true paradise for a skier. The descent is exhilarating - a perfect reward for the climb, which can feel quite strenuous.

Let the invigorating magic of the Versant Nature tempt you!

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