The Snowscoot a new sport to discover !

Snowscoots enthusiasts handlebar in any season.

Something for everyone ... for the whole family, for all ages !!!!

Whatever your level. No prerequisite. For beginners to snow sports, the Ski la Réserve Ski School innovates by offering an introductory course in snowscoots and all inclusive single price. The practice of this sport will allow you to discover new riding sensation including a good breath of fresh air to enjoy the winter. If you hold a handlebar allows greater control and helps maintain balance.

What better way to practice snow sports such as snowscoots to enjoy winter! If you want to improve, opt for private lessons with an experienced instructor who will tickle your full potential.

Photos courtesy of DCade Snowscoot

Snowscoot Initiation (french only)

Initiation au snowscoot (véloneige) à Ski La Réserve from on Vimeo.

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