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Patrol and First Aid - Code of conduct

The Mont La Réserve ski patrollers are a team of experienced, generous volunteers who provide various types of care on the mountain.

These patrollers are trained as medical first responders by the Groupe Montagne Explore. Whether it’s for a simple graze or a more serious complex fracture, they are there to help you. In addition, these patrollers ensure that our customers are able to practice their favourite sport in total safety.

To this end, they apply the Mountain Code of Conduct (see the text attached) so that everyone can have fun while remaining safe and secure. If you have any questions about safe practices for your sport, or any other questions, please feel free to ask them - you’ll find the patrollers in the cafeteria, on the slopes or at the hut at the summit, ready to be at your service. A patroller’s role is mainly to provide rapid, effective assistance to anyone who needs it, no matter where they are on the mountain.

The patroller’s training allows him to carry out rescues, provide first aid and evacuate anyone injured to appropriate medical help at the bottom of the hill. With help from management at the ski resort, the Mont La Réserve Ski Patrol has purchased a defibrillator, which allows for better quality intervention should cardiac issues arise.

As in years past, our funding campaign will take place in spring on the patio. Join us to enjoy our delicious hot dogs and hamburgers in the most festive of atmospheres. If you’re interested in joining the ski patrol team, talk to one of our patrollers or contact Carole Bouchard  by e-mail at administration@skilareserve.com or by phone at this number: 819 424-1373 # 224.

Mountain Code of Conduct (Click on the link for english)

For your own safety, and that of others, we invite you to read the Mountain Code of Conduct, in effect at all ski resorts in Québec.

Be vigilant and respectful of the code of conduct.

It’s your responsibility.

Have fun - safely!

Mountain Code of Conduct (469 KiB)

Any contravention of the code of conduct, or any reprehensible behaviour, may lead to the permanent withdrawal of the privileges granted by your ski lift ticket or your season pass.

Mont la Réserve recommends wearing a helmet for sliding sports. A helmet is mandatory for the modules in the terrain parks, for youths 12 years of age and under who take any lesson with the Ski & Surf School, and for all youths and adults enrolled in racing or free-style programs with the Ski & Surf School.

We invite all skiers and surfers to inform themselves about the benefits of wearing a helmet. The basis of everyone’s safety, and their prime obligation, is to ski and surf in a controlled, responsible manner.


In addition, the skier or surfer acknowledges the inherent risks involved in sliding sports, and assumes all responsibility for any personal injury or material damage resulting from these risks and dangers. The ticket is issued in consideration of your promise to respect the Mountain Code of Conduct, as well as all regulations, instructions and rules of conduct in effect at the Resort.

Failure to do so may result in the cancellation or confiscation of your ticket without further notice and with no refund. The ticket remains the property of the Resort; it is not transferable or refundable.

We invite you to visit the Share-the-slopes page.


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