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- If uncertain weather conditions, always call the resort in advance at 819 424-1373  or 1 877 424-1373  (toll free), dial # 1 for the snow conditions.

The number of runs and mechanical ski lifts available may change without prior not

General conditions
Open runs :
Sunday 16, 2017 the resort is closed due
to rain.
End of the season
Thank you and see you next year!

Surface :

Base :
Snow accumulation        
Last 24 hours
0 cm
Last 48 hours 0 cm
Last 7 days 0 cm
Total season

346 cm

Snow Park
Very difficult
Run Number/ NameLevelStatusGroomed 
2-   Croque-Mitaine CLOSED SNOW PARK
3 -   Forêt Enchantée CLOSED Natural   
4A-  Sous Sous Haut CLOSED Natural  
4B - Sous Sous Bas CLOSED Natural 
5 -  Sous-Bois CLOSED Natural 
6 -   Panorama CLOSED Groomed
7A -  Loup Garou Haut CLOSED Natural 
7B -  Loup Garou Centre CLOSED Groomed
7C -  Loup Garou Bas CLOSED Natural 
8A -  Familiale Haut CLOSED Groomed     
8B -  Familiale Centre CLOSED Groomed   
8C -  Familiale Bas CLOSED Groomed
9A - Lavoie Haut CLOSED Natural 
9B-   Lavoie Bas CLOSED Natural 
10 -   Sensation CLOSED Natural 
11 -   Gueymard CLOSED Groomed
12A - Chute Libre Haut CLOSED Natural
12B - Chute Libre Centre CLOSED Groomed
12C - Chute Libre Bas CLOSED Groomed
13 -   Couloir CLOSED Natural 
14 -   Entre-Deux CLOSED Natural 
15A-  Pirouette Haut CLOSED Natural 
15B-  Pirouette Centre CLOSED Natural 
15C-  Pirouette Bas CLOSED Groomed
16 -  Slalom CLOSED Groomed
17 -  Pente Douce CLOSED Groomed
18 -  Court Rayon CLOSED Natural  
19 -  Vertige CLOSED Natural
20A- Luge Haut CLOSED Groomed
20B- Luge Centre CLOSED Groomed 
20C- Luge Bas CLOSED Groomed 
66 -  Boisée CLOSED Natural  

Versant Nature
"Off piste skiing"
Expert only
21 - Nordique CLOSED Natural
22- Escalier CLOSED Natural
23 - Extrême CLOSED Natural
24 - Adrénaline CLOSED Natural
Zone Limite
Expert only
25 - L'Enragé
CLOSED Natural 
26 - Accès autorisé
CLOSED Natural 
27 - Silencieuse CLOSED Natural 
Quadruple chairlift 1 CLOSED
Quadruple chairlift 2 CLOSED
Ski Carpet CLOSED
Snow tubing CLOSED

ÀGliding conditions and operating hours for the lifts are subject to change without prior notice.

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