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School Groups

For your school groups activities, please contact
Carole Forget  toll free: 1 877 424-1373, ext 225 or by e-mail at grscolaire@skilareserve.com

It's with pleasure that she will provide you the necessary information necessary for a succesfull day.  We can offer you a meal plan included in your activity.

Ski Carpet- 600 feet

In order to provide an unforgettable experience for beginners, we have acquired a ski carpetwith a length of 600 feet, the longest in Quebec and have fitted a new beginner trail. 

Beginner trail

Snowtubing - Capacity of 200 people

We also offer tubing park with a capacity of 200 people and the diversity of our ski centre offers more options for schools.

For adequate preparation and a successfull outing.

You will find enclosed the Journal YéSKI, gathering advice on safety in skiing or snowboarding, thricks to keep warm, suggestins to renew its energy and our quiz to test students' knowledge before an activity.
A small journal that will serve as a guide for your trips.

Journal YéSKI ( French version only)

We invite you to view the Avant-ski kit to prepare yourself

Avant-ski kit (French version only)

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